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Hello Again — A Gift For My Old Friends

Hello again, my old friends! I launched this Joetography brand in 2009, after several people clamored (see: casually suggested) for me to sell my photographs online. And over the years, that small enterprise grew beyond artwork sales into a pretty steady moonlighting gig — granting me the unique privilege of […]

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There’s a time between seasons where neither one exists. Where winter hasn’t fully passed and spring hasn’t fully sprung. I am there. In this dangling moment, stuck between a memory and a dream. Not moving forward and not falling back. Neither telling nor asking. Growing nor dying. I’m not sad or mad […]

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To all the hearts once beating together and now broken apart, I sit with you this Valentine’s Day. With full faith and abounding hope, my prayers are that you might know…despite the wounds, the fears, the anger, the sadness, the loneliness, the emptiness…that you are not alone. Someone’s ready to meet you right where […]

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