“We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows.”

Robert Frost

. . .

See the Beauty: Middle

. . .

These words are mobile. Always moving into the future and pulled strongly from the past. Never set. Never finished. Never perfect.

I am the same.

For better and for worse, I am always moving — one step stuck in the past and one step pressing firmly into the next — be it the next idea, the next adventure, the next experience.

What if I could find the middle?

The moment in time between what comes and what goes. And once found, what if I could take a seat in the middle of the middle? Breathe it in. Taste its flavor. See it move or watch it rest.

How would that change me and all my movements throughout this one life of mine?

What might I notice in and around me? In and around others? What might I offer and receive? What might I create or grow curious about creating? What barriers to my imagination might crumble? What distractions might disappear? What walls between me and others might be reshaped? What healthy boundaries might be formed?

How might I begin to see myself? Love myself? Forgive myself? What pressures to perform and produce might I leave behind? What stresses to succeed might I put down?

Maybe there in the middle I would find a perfectly imperfect being — who’s content in what’s been given and what I’m giving. Maybe I’ll find a version of myself that’s pulling from the past, pushing to the future, and now pausing in the present.

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