There’s beauty in order and disorder. I’m grateful to my God for both, and for the eyes to see it. I’m also forever thankful for my wife, Lindsay, who spurred me on to pursue photography. She’s always been my inspiration to notice and discover the world around me. And to my son, Quinn, who could not be more photogenic.

My journey behind the lens began in 2005 while venturing across the U.S. and Europe. On those trips, I began to realize that life’s elements were continually telling us a story. We just needed to observe it. That a story can unfold by studying how a cracked window sits alone inside a brick wall…or the way rust crawls down from its source…or the way the sun makes shadows interpret their surroundings.

Each image I capture is an invitation to note the unnoticeable…to look at the overlooked. Picturesque artistry resides all around us. I hope my photographs help bring the beauty of this world into focus.

I’m also grateful to be able to capture images as part of my content marketing business—Keyhole Marketing—telling stories visually for my clients.