My camera broke last May and ended up being the perfect metaphor for how 2021 went for me.

It was a year of pausing, remaining still, and sitting in silence. It was a year of self-reflecting and doing the difficult inner work. But also a year of being kind and generous to myself and then to others.

It was hard to reawaken . . . but also vital, because in many ways my life depended on it. And today, I’m feeling emotions I forgot existed. I’m releasing things I thought I’d always need to carry. I’m seeing things that I’d been missing.

Now, I want to lean into this refound wonder.

This year, I’ll be releasing the SEE THE BEAUTY series — a weekly photograph and log of something that made me curious. That made me pause, sit still, and be silent. It might be something obvious or much more subtle. But always, it will have inspired my childlike interests and helped me to rediscover the brilliance that exists every day.

Would you join me?

See the Beauty Series - 2022

Please help me stay committed to this ambition by following along here, on Facebook, or on Instagram, adding your thoughts along the way, and sharing your own captured discoveries.

Together, we can help each other see the beauty all around us.


  1. It would be a pleasure to join you this journey! I love your photography!