Hello again, my old friends!

I launched this Joetography brand in 2009, after several people clamored (see: casually suggested) for me to sell my photographs online. And over the years, that small enterprise grew beyond artwork sales into a pretty steady moonlighting gig — granting me the unique privilege of capturing snapshots of people’s lives to pin along their individual timelines.

But then, I became content with silence.

After becoming a dad, I slowly began to turn down the volume of this brand and turn my attention to spending more evenings at home, building my other business venture, and eventually relocating from Indiana to Colorado Springs with the fam.

And yet, the creative process remained.

Throughout my silence, photography continued to be one of my tools for observing, absorbing, and processing the world around me. And creating and sharing images of my explorations helped me to make sense of my emotions along the way.

Now, I return to you.

As we wind down this exhausting year, I invite you to explore my latest gallery of select artwork from 2020 in matte, canvas and birchwood formats. Perhaps you’ll find a piece that calls to your present existence or an image that encapsulates your mercurial feelings of joy, pain, hope, or uncertainty. Or maybe you’ll find a photograph for a friend who needs to dream of new surroundings.

Whatever the case, I hope you’ll enter with me now.


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