“To love at all is to be vulnerable.”

C.S. Lewis

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See the Beauty: Love

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I wrote the following journal entry two years ago after the recommendation of both my business coach and therapist. I share it now as a celebration for how transforming the words have been in how I see myself.

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This is a love letter to yourself.

You’ve been far too hard on yourself for all these many years — never satisfied with a job well done, thinking you’re always far behind where others are, doubting you are enough.

And now you need to hear the truth.

You know those harsh words that you’ve been speaking to yourself and justifying as self motivations to keep moving, growing, and evolving? The truth is those words have been slowly destroying you from the inside out and diminishing the value you add to this world.

You’ve pretended that that’s not true with your body language — keeping your head high to the outside world or dropping in some deflecting sarcasm to get a laugh — and yet inside you were broken all along.

But you’re learning what it feels like to like and love yourself. You’re beginning to hear the words you’ve been saying, and the names you’ve been calling yourself. You’re starting to uncover your qualities and identify your needs in this life. You’re beginning to feel what it’s like to go easy on yourself.

God knows it’s not easy to accept a compliment — especially from yourself. But trust me, it’s ok to do so.

Because each time you do, you break off another link of the chains locked around your true self and begin to accept the unique creation you are in this world. You’re crippling the power of perfectionism and stepping into wholehearted living.

Be kind and love yourself, Joe. Accept this love, so that you can then give it to others.

With love —


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