“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.”

 Friedrich Nietzsche

See the Beauty: Entanglement

Entanglement. In simplest terms, it’s the word physicists use to describe the deep energetic connection that exists between two particles — even after being physically separated. Or as Einstein called it, the “spooky action at a distance.”

By being once united, the particles hold the memory of when they were linked and the bond they form is so strong that doing something to one instantly affects the properties of the other — even when sitting miles or even light years apart.

A fascinating phenomenon that happens all the time without our acknowledgement.

. . .

It’s especially fascinating to me as an adoptive dad.

It makes me wonder about all the invisible ties that bond my son to his birthparents — extending beyond the genetic makeup they share within their cells. What do they energetically experience each day despite their separation? How does it influence their thoughts? Their actions? Their reflections of who are you and who am I and what are we?

He and I talked about this beautiful connection just yesterday and how his questions will always be not only normal but natural – especially where entanglement exists. That many adopted kids describe this disconnected connection as a hole in the heart. And any tugs he feels throughout his life from something unknown may just be his enduring entanglement with them.

. . .

And on an even grander scale, it all makes me wonder how our world and humanity might look if these hidden connections were present to the human eye — like strings running from one’s heart, head, or hands to those of another.

How would we view the others in our life if we saw all the ways we were related energetically? How might our opinions and judgments of those people shift if we could see and comprehend all our entanglements?



  1. I think some people feel this entanglement more than others. Wonder why that is? My heart hurts for anyone who has a hole in their heart or sadness in their soul. (Or they maybe the same thing)
    Quinn Is a fortunate boy to have you and Lindsay to help him with any questions he may have and to love him as you raise him into a fine man! I also wish that the energy were visible to the naked eye, this world would be a much better place in which to live.

    • You’re so very sweet for sharing this! Some days are harder than others to know how to navigate, but we hope the whole body of work serves him well!