For nearly three years, I had the privilege of working alongside Jeri Ruetz as she kept my businesses running smoothly. But there came a time for her and her husband to add to their family, and for Jeri to find more space to devote to them all.

In July 2016, Leo became the newest twig on their family tree. A beautiful baby boy that made us all a bit nervous on his entry into the world, but now seems to be doing just fine. So grateful to have captured his newborn photos, as well as pictures of the entire family!

indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-7 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-13 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-23 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-31 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-37 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-39 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-45 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-48 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-52 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-58 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-67 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-73 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-78 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-81 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-84 indianapolis-newborn-photography-leo-85

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