“All good things must come to an end.” — Geoffrey Chaucer

For nearly two and a half years, she posted and filed…tracked and booked….emailed and uploaded. She added, entered, deleted, exported, estimated, confirmed, adjusted, shared, checked, searched, found, sent, assembled, collected, invoiced, and reminded.

She dragged and dropped, wrote and proofread, sent and resent.

She adjusted, saved, received, created, brainstormed, converted, informed, scheduled, reviewed, selected, promoted, copied, downloaded, renamed, updated, published, and researched. She endured my indecisiveness, kept my head on straight, and freed up my limited brain space to think bigger and dream further.

For nearly two and a half years, Jeri Ruetz did it all for Joetography and Keyhole Marketing. And starting June 1st, she’ll do it no more.

Instead, she’ll get to free up her own schedule and focus more deeply on her family—namely the newest addition coming this summer. And I couldn’t be more stoked for her!

Though if I’m honest, it wasn’t my immediate response.

When you find someone with whom you sync so well…someone as reliable, fun, trustworthy, and competent…someone who cares as much about what you create as you do…someone who can meet your sarcasm with her own…it’s a rare thing.

And it’s a sad thing to see it all go away.

Even as I write this, there’s an overwhelming sorrow of what I’ll be losing in a month. And yet sitting right behind that somber thought is the equally overwhelming awareness of what her family is gaining. And so the future—thought daunting and uncertain—turns quickly from bleak to bright with the anticipation of seeing Jeri and her growing family fully embracing all the joys of life.

Thank you, Jeri, for all you gave to me, my family, both businesses, and all our customers. It’s been a great journey, and I can’t wait to see what’s on the next page for you!


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