life stuck on repeat

praying for a miracle

sweet interruption

I’ve never used the letter “Q” as much as I have in this past year. It’s an oft forgotten letter, like “X” and “Z.” But now, it’s my favorite letter of the entire alphabet. I recently stopped and fully noticed its shape for the first time…its simple, yet unique, design…a line bent back toward itself in constant revolution, intruded by a small dash to halt the cycle.

It fitly illustrates my life before Quinn arrived.

For years, my life had been stuck on repeat. Every day, week, month, and year felt the exact same. A replay of the last. The seasons would come and the seasons would go. People would join me and people would go. But all along I kept walking in circles, passing the same cold, gray scene that met me on the last lap. I wasn’t going forward, and I wasn’t turning back. I was just there and life kept passing me by.

But then, Quinn intruded the scene and all monotony stopped. He halted my endless walkabout and dashed in new colors I’d never seen before. He’s the miracle long desired. He life’s sweet interruption.


My-HaiQ-Word-Picture-Photography-1 My-HaiQ-Word-Picture-Photography-2



  1. I fully get it. Beautifully written.