A guest blog by Lindsay Dudeck

I stood in line, signed the waiver, watched the video, and waited.

My turn had come.

As I ascended the stairs to the runway lined with yellow jerry cans, I no longer heard the music. I didn’t notice the bright lights or the hundreds of people walking by. There, in that convention center, on a Tuesday morning, I silenced my heart and mind, took a deep breath, squatted down, grabbed the handles, and lifted two 20-pound jerry cans filled with water.

I balanced myself with the water cans that forced me to stand up straight and look ahead. I focused on the photos of the Sahel region at the end of the runway, whispered to myself, “I’m walking for mothers,” and took my first step.

As I felt my boots strike the platform, I realized they walk barefoot. As I tightened my grip around the handles, I realized their hands are calloused. As I wondered, how much further, I realized they walk for miles. Every day, mothers walk miles for water for their families. And, not clean water, dirty water.

By simply walking a runway in thirty seconds, I raised $45 for Charity:Water, who’s providing wells that bring clean water to people in Africa. It’s just a tiny dent in the grand scheme of things, but one step, one donation at a time, it’s making a difference.

As I turned around and headed back toward the starting line, my eyes filled with tears and I began to pray. God, today, be with those mothers on the other side of the world. Bring them hope that help and clean water is coming. I can’t reach them physically at the end of this walk, but I send my love and care to them through this prayer.

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  1. I’m sure the Lord heard your prayer and will bless them through your effort. Good job!