“It felt odd and poetic and encouraging coming back after so many years, a shape imposing itself on life again after chaos.” ― Graham Greene

. . .

See the Beauty: Return

. . .

Sometimes in life we get a chance to return to places that hold powerful spaces in our memories.

This year, I had such an experience.

Returning to Texax Hill Country after four years, I was able to find a tree that I had previously photographed four summers ago. It’s a place I’ve returned to many times in my mind, but that had become unreachable over the past few years.

And like most returns, it was an opportunity to compare and contrast the me of then and the me of now — how I’ve changed, grown, dismantled, reexamined. And how I’ve deepened, strengthened, and stayed the same. And how, between those times, the world has changed around me and because of me.

. . .

There’s a generous gift inside these moments of return to turnover, turndown, and turnabout.


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