“It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit.”

Antoine Rivarol

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See the Beauty: Pursuit

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This week, I watched a documentary called The Alpinist about Marc-Andre Leclerc, a world-renowned rock climber and alpinist.

In just a few years of climbing, he had soloed (i.e., climbed alone and without the help of another person belaying) Torre Egger in Patagonia and the Emperor Face of Mount Robson. And to add more to the challenge, he ascended both during the winter months.

But then, it all ended at the age of 25 near Juneau, Alaska after an apparent avalanche near the Mendenhall Towers he’d just summited. A life snuffed out early.

Or was it?

While two and a half decades seems far too short, I was struck by the way in which Marc-Andre zealously pursued his passion in spite of the risk. To him, living safe wasn’t living at all.

And it left me wondering:  maybe a short life spent finding and pursuing the things my heart desires — be it deep relationships, fulfilling work, stronger faith, greater generosity, etc. — transcends a long life intent on simply being here as long as possible.

Time keeps on slipping. Am I pursuing a higher quantity or higher quality way of living?

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