“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.”

Maya Angelou

. . .

See the Beauty: Horizon

. . .

Beginnings and endings take place on the horizon. And this coming Tuesday, I’ll be stepping into a new horizon.

After 10 years of owning and operating my Keyhole Marketing business, I’ll be starting a new career as the Content Strategy Lead at Compassion International — joining my wife at the global non-profit organization.

In 2011, I started Keyhole during the start of one of the darkest times in my life. My wife and I just experienced our third failed adoption, and I’d just lost my job. The business ended up being a bit of a lifeline when everything else seemed to be spinning out of control.

Over the next decade, I had the opportunity to work with so many amazing business owners from all sorts of industries, who entrusted me with their business stories. That privilege and responsibility never sat lightly on my shoulders. And I’m so grateful for the risk they took in believing in Keyhole to get the rewards they desired. They may never know it, but they changed the very makeup of who I am and how I see myself. Hopefully, the relationship was just as beneficial for them.

And I also got the thrill of hiring and working with many talented people, who poured their unique, creative gifts and abilities into the business — helping to define the brand with each drop of their sweat equity. They inspired me again and again with what they crafted, and their energy maintained my own spirit many times throughout the lifetime of the business. I’ll be forever grateful for the memories we made and their trust in me.

Getting to this point of returning to corporate life was not a simple, easy path. It started in April of 2021 and took many unexpected turns along the way. But ultimately, it led me to a place where I was ready to put down all the hats one wears as a business owner and step into a role that seeks to sit on a different plane of purpose for the world. And Compassion International — with a mission to free kids around the world from poverty — checked all the boxes I’d listed before I began my search. It was the perfect fit at this point in my career!

And as hard as it is to say goodbye to something I’ve put my head, heart, and hands into for so long, I’m also very excited to leverage all of that experience into putting together the messages that move people to support a child in need.

As the sun now sets on Keyhole Marketing, I’m grateful for all it has given me, my family, my team, and my clients. A new sun rises next week.



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