You’ll never stand before a mirror and see my eyes, ears or mouth. Never hear my laugh inside your own. Never stride with my same gait.

As my adopted son, you’ll never carry a visible imprint from me.

And yet, I hope to pass along more than my genetic instructions to you. More than my color, looks, and behaviors. More than my molecules.

I want you to inherit a different DNA from me.

A more critical collection of characteristics not found within cellular strands. A lineage of traits that forever guide and define you.

Quinn, I hope you always:


Go deep within yourself and explore the depth of others. Look beyond our surfaces—past the colors of skin and the orientations of life—down to the cores of our beings.


Pay attention to the minute details of life as they move around you. Humbly contemplate them before casting your own judgements.


Open the palms of your hands and love those who cross your path. Let life flow freely to and from you.

Thank you for the gift you give me on this Father’s Day and every day.

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