“Mountaintops inspire leaders but valleys mature them.” -Winston Churchill

On this Thanksgiving morning, my soul is filled with wonder and gratitude. Gracious for the people who have crossed my path this year, the challenges we vanquished together, and the satisfaction we enjoyed in the afterglow.

Like all years, 2015 has been filled with the proverbial highs and lows. Mountaintop experiences and valley roaming excursions. I’ve parted ways with some clients and forged new paths with others. But such is the way in business.

Such is life as an entrepreneur. Search, serve, and survey. Dig up new ventures, nurture existing opportunities, and evaluate how it’s all working. And do it all not sequentially, but concurrently. It’s not easy, but not unwanted either.

Today, I wade in a state of gratitude.

I reflect back on you…the clients who entrusted me with your events, your words, your stories. Without your confidence in me, the work would have struggled. And without our faith in each other, the results would have been unreachable.

I’m grateful for the mountaintops and the valleys, and I’m thankful we could venture to these places together.

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