You haven’t seen or heard much from me in this space for a little while. I’m still alive…just needed a break.

Lately, my mind’s been making a lot of noise. I needed to discover, or rediscover, the beautiful sound of silence. And for me, I found it on the beaches of Hilton Head Island last week.

Do you know what silence sounds like in your life? Remember how to find it? If not, here’s one way that worked for me.

I recently photographed a Taize Service at Trinity Episcopal Church in Indianapolis a couple weeks ago. In the middle, the order of service called for 10 minutes of silent meditation. Yes, 10 consecutive minutes of silence.

It may sound easy, but I promise you it’s not as easy as it sounds (so to speak). After one minute of silence, I was getting itchy…checking my watch, fumbling for my phone, looking around. But by the third minute, I’d found it. My eyes closed and I heard nothing. Nothing but silence.

And I took that practice with me to the beach last week. I forced myself to NOT read a book, look at my phone, eat, whatever for 10 whole minutes. And I found that beautiful sound of silence again.

How do you find yours?

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