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My Water Weight

Many of you know Jeri Ruetz, who handles all the important details of scheduling photo sessions, creating contracts, and securing payments. In short, she keeps me sane. I was stoked when she drafted the following blog post. It’s always exciting to see others get equally pumped about helping people in need. I’m […]

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The Shame in my own Game

Her name’s Jean. In 2005, she lived in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans—until Hurricane Katrina surged through in August and forced her, her husband, and her two grandkids to evacuate. The Lower Ninth was hit the hardest by the storm—or at least ignored the longest by city officials […]

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Thanks for Trusting Me to Capture You

  The holidays and movies. The two are intertwined like silent and night…like Bing and Crosby…like egg and nog. And we all have our must-watch flicks this time of year:  Home Alone, White Christmas, Elf, Christmas Vacation, It’s a Wonderful Life, (insert yours here). A few years back, I added […]

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