183 Smiles

Photo courtesy of charity: water It was August. I remember roaming through my backyard—lost in thought. I was searching for something that evaded me…some big idea, some grand reason, some great inspiration. I’d lost my motivation to do this thing called THE APERTURE EFFECT, and I was hoping to find […]

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The Winter of the Soul

  Look at a tree. No look inside a tree. Notice the rings inside its belly. The clear signs of the aging and maturing process. Its birthmark and growth marks. But look again. Note the number of rings. Plural. Not one, but many. Clear signs that the tree does not live in a constant state […]

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A Water Drop’s Journey

Photo courtesy of Charity:Water A snowflake falls. And then another. They collect each winter on the slopes of Younts Peak, part of the Absaroka Mountain Range that outlines the eastern edge of Yellowstone National Park. Landing softly…one on top of the other…they tightly intertwine their six-cornered sides in preparation for a […]

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Two Birds on a Wire

  Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. Fourteen years ago my wife and I walked out and perched next to each other on life’s precarious wire. It seems like ages ago. We were just kids back then. We hadn’t seen much of the world. Hadn’t experienced much. Hadn’t sowed our wild […]

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