“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.”
― James A. Michener

. . .

See the Beauty: Persistence

. . .

It’s that time of year when we resolve to be different or vow to be better. When we determine to change something about our selves or our situation in the new year.

And today, on my birthday, I did the same.

Lindsay, Quinn, and I talked over breakfast about the ways I hope to improve, the things I hope to try, and the places I hope to go in 2023. But if there’s anything I learned in 2022, it’s that the best laid plans often go off the path.

But I’m also learning that that’s perfectly acceptable.

At some point, I’ll likely relapse from my resolutions. I’ll find myself back in moments of déjà vu — where I return to my old ways and make choices I thought I’d put to bed. But that also doesn’t mean I must remain there.

Change isn’t orderly. Progress isn’t linear. It’s not always one step forward one step higher. It’s doesn’t always trend upward. It can rise and fall, criss and cross, rush and rest.

In fact, the prefix in the word resolution means “again.” And so starting and restarting and restarting again is all just part of the process.

Here’s to 2023. Here’s to less perfection and more persistence.

. . .

Thank you to all of you who have followed me the past 52 weeks for this SEE THE BEAUTY series. As I look back on who I was when I started it and who I am now as I end it, I see it’s been a life transforming experience for me. And I hope you found some morsels to chew on and some goodness to behold from your perspectives, as well.

Much love and happy new year to you!

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