“Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.”
Edgar Allan Poe


See the Beauty: Pixelated - Taos, New Mexico


When viewed from a distance, a photo appears continuous — one unbroken capture with fully-blended colors, lights and shadows.

But look closely.

Closer still.

You see that a photograph actually consists of many small squares. Pixels. It’s a mosaic of highlights and lowlights, with bright squares touching dull, soft neighboring strong, and bold rubbing muted.

And you realize our lives can be viewed like photographs.

It’s the darkest pixels in the image that add the greatest depth to the finished work. They add dimension. They provide the contrast that’s necessary to make the bright elements even more brilliant.

They make the image more full. Complete.

And in life, the darkest moments are just as beautiful as the brightest. They’re not to be escaped, but embraced. Maybe not desired, but maybe better accepted when they come.

. . .

(The first moment I saw the pixels in my life.)


See the Beauty: Pixels - Taos, New Mexico


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