With a job loss in April, a business startup in October and a rebranding of Joetography right now, life has been moving pretty fast. And I’ve been missing it.

It wasn’t until I was on a photo session last month, strolling around Butler University, that I noticed the world had evolved around me. Nature had already made its annual wardrobe change from summer to fall, and it wouldn’t be long until it moved into its winter clothing line.

I’d just failed to recognize it.

My attention had been pulled to other things that, while necessary, were covering my eyes from the beautiful transformation all around.

Thankfully though, I live in Indiana…where all four seasons are offered in equal portion. And even though I’ve mostly missed fall this year, I don’t have to miss its sibling—winter. And this year, I intend to take in all of its beauty. To step away from my busyness and step into its snowiness, inhale its frigidness and feel its frozenness.

Life does pass by quickly…far too fast sometimes. How are you slowing it down?



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