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A Different DNA

You’ll never stand before a mirror and see my eyes, ears or mouth. Never hear my laugh inside your own. Never stride with my same gait. As my adopted son, you’ll never carry a visible imprint from me. And yet, I hope to pass along more than my genetic instructions to you. More than my color, looks, and behaviors. More […]

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The Healing Day

I still remember the sun that filled our hospital room that day. It was brighter—maybe brighter than it had ever been, but certainly brighter than it had been lately. It was October 11, 2013. The sun rose quickly that day, but it had taken half a decade for it to […]

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A Grief Re-Observed

Grief. It morphs. It swells. It shrinks. It just never seems to leave. … Six years ago today, it became a longtime friend of mine, meeting me inside a hospital room outside Indianapolis. There, my wife and I held a child we thought might finally be the long-awaited, new addition to our family. A […]

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My Three Moms

Mother’s Day…a day we set aside to honor the women who brought us into this world. And this year, I’m thinking of three such women. My Mom In my own beginning, there was my mom. Without her, I’d quite literally be nowhere. In many ways, she and I are the same […]

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I heard it stumble out of his mouth for the first time the other night: “What’s that book about, Quinn?” “A-bop-tion!” “And who’s adopted?” “Quinnie!” “Who else?” “Rudy!” {Our dog} “Yep! Who else?” “Amelia!” {His friend} And there it was…our first conversation about this thing called adoption. Or aboption. It’s a word […]

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A Song for my Son

The following blog post originally appeared on my other website—Keyhole Marketing—but I thought it was more than applicable here. Forty-five seconds. That’s all it took. That’s all I lasted without tears falling from my eyes. The first time I heard Chris Staples’ song Dark Side of the Moon, I couldn’t help it. […]

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